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Silenced, PettreyAnd the winner of Dani Pettrey’s book Silenced is…

KD Holmberg!

Congratulations! You will be contacted soon so that your prize can be delivered to you!

Thank you to everyone who entered, and please stop by again tomorrow when I do a review of Silenced!

Looking forward to seeing you then.


Today I am so excited to host Dani Pettrey, author of the award-winning Alaskan Courage series, as well as having the privilege to give away one copy of her newest book, Silenced! Read on to find out more about Dani and how you can enter.

Dani PettreySo glad to have you, Dani! How did you first get your start in writing?

I have always loved daydreaming and making up stories. I dabbled with creative writing growing up, but set it aside. It wasn’t until after the birth of my youngest daughter and a bout with a serious illness, that I really felt God stirring me to start writing again.

All four of the books you’ve released so far have an Alaskan setting. Can you tell us where that love of Alaska comes from?

I chose Alaska because I wanted a setting that worked well for adventure and suspense. Alaska is a gorgeous state full of adventurous possibilities, and there is an inherent risk of danger if you aren’t prepared properly. It seemed the perfect fit.

You have a new release out called Silenced–can you tell us a little bit more about that?

A relaxing day of rock climbing takes a disturbing turn when Kayden McKenna’s route leads her to a face-to-face encounter with a dead climber. Is it a terrible accident or something sinister? When the case is handed to the overburdened sheriff, he turns to Jake Westin. With Jake’s past now revealed, he’s ready to use his talent for investigation again-–but he could never prepare for where the case will take him.

Kayden and Jake soon realize that the death was no accident. And worse, it seems the killer is on to them. When strange things begin happening in Yancey, Jake is terrified that once again his world may put someone he loves in danger.

But the truth is far worse than either of them imagine.

Authors often talk about God teaching them something through the stories they’re writing, or discovering something at the same moment their character does. What’s one memorable thing the Lord’s taught you through your writing?

The Lord has taught me through life and through the Alaskan Courage series that He is in control, that He is always with us, and that He has a plan. None of that means we will have a perfect life free from trouble. Jesus tells us specifically we will have trouble in this world, but He is with us through it all. Seeing my characters experience sorrow and loss and seeing the Lord carrying them through has mirrored what I’ve experienced in my own life and helped reaffirm God’s abiding presence in all circumstances.

You just recently had surgery–how are you doing, and how can I and my readers pray for you?

Thank you so much for asking. I’m recovering very well, thanks. Prayers for continued healing and no future problems would be wonderful. Prayers for my writing to be guided by God and for every story to be for His glory would be amazing too.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Dani! It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you better! 🙂

Thank you so much for having me!

Ways to connect with Dani:

~ About the Giveaway ~

Silenced, PettreyReaders, I am so blessed to be able to offer the chance for one randomly selected winner to receive a free copy of Dani’s book, Silenced! Here’s the details:

One winner will be randomly selected using the services of

No purchase is necessary. Odds of winning are based on number of entries.

U.S. residents only are eligible to enter, starting from today, May 28th, 2014, and lasting until midnight (MST) of May 30th, 2014.

Enter by leaving a comment with your e-mail address. Your e-mail will only be used to notify you if you’ve won.

The winner will be notified by e-mail and announced here the morning of May 31st, 2014.

You will have until midnight (MST) of the 31st to claim your prize, otherwise the prize will be awarded to the second runner-up as chosen by, and so on.

If you’ve won, you will be notified and contacted for your mailing address so that your prize can be delivered to you.

Best of luck, and thank you so much to Dani Pettrey, Amanda Dykes of PulsePoint Design, and Bethany House for the amazing opportunity to host this giveaway!

Spoken For, Gunn and BethkeTitle: Spoken For: Embracing Who You Are and Whose You Are

Author: Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

When I first saw Spoken For, I was a little worried it might be too simplistic and not that deep of a read, just because it came across as though it’s geared towards a younger audience. But the more I learned about it, the more I realized it actually seemed to fit the stage of life I’m in right now almost perfectly (early 20’s, for those of you who don’t know 🙂 ). While it was a tad simplistic in parts, I would highly recommend this book for not only teens, but also for women in their 20’s and maybe even their 30’s, that’s how good it was! Spoken For has a message every woman can relate to, and that’s about our quest for love. Our need to be desired and cherished, to hold and be held, to love and be loved.

Who doesn’t adore a good romance? The thing is, we often miss the greatest romance of all: the one we have with our Savior.

How do I describe all that this book did for me at this stage in my life? Let’s just say it was a message I desperately needed to hear, and that it left me in tears. Authors Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke helped me understand God’s love in a way I never have before in such a raw, touching way, I can honestly say this is one book that has helped change my outlook on life and relationship with my Savior forever.

There aren’t many books that can do that!

I am adopted, and while I grew up with the two most amazing, loving people I know as parents, I’ve always struggled with some feelings of rejection. So when I read the chapter called, “You Are Wanted,” I cried. I’ve never been the girl to turn heads, have never had a boyfriend, and usually hid in a corner on prom nights. So when I read, “You Are Pursued,” I bawled. And what salve to my soul to hear “You Are Loved” after a season of isolation and pain that seemed to last forever.

I also appreciated the authors’ honesty about the down times in their lives and the study questions they had at the end of every chapter as well. I usually hate those, but somehow they managed to write them in a casual, non-annoying way.

So dear broken heart, if you’re reading this right now and need tangible proof of God’s love, please pick up this book, and may you know how high, how wide, and how deep His love reaches.

Even now.

Even here.

Even to you.

(I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.)

Let’s Talk Book: Have you ever read a book that completely changed you or how you viewed your relationship with God?

There’s a few things I love in life. One is books. Another is sharing about new books. And I’m a sucker for giveaways. Combine the three and what do you get? Author Dani Pettrey’s Rugged Romance Sweepstakes! Killer title, right? Wait until you check out the prizes!

Read on to find out how you can enter this super fun giveaway now through May 21st, and stay tuned for my review of Dani’s newest release, Silenced. I’m ridiculously excited about it, but you’ll have to stop by again to find out why. 😉 (And yes, mysterious foreshadow totally intended.)

Here’s the scoop:


Silenced, Pettrey

In Silenced, Book 4 of author Dani Pettrey’s award-winning Alaskan Courage series, a relaxing day of rock climbing takes a dark turn when Kayden McKenna’s route brings her face-to-face with a dead climber. Was the climber’s death a terrible accident or something more sinister?

When the case is handed to Yancey’s overburdened sheriff, he turns to Jake Westin for help. With the truth of Jake’s past now revealed, Jake agrees to use his investigation skills for this one case–but nothing could prepare him for where the case will take him.

As Kayden and Jake work together to uncover the truth, will they also find a refuge in each other? Or will the deadly plans of a killer destroy their chance at love?

To celebrate the novel, Dani and Bethany House Publishers are pleased to present the RUGGED ROMANCE SWEEPSTAKES, and your chance to win one of three marvelous prizes, all closely connected to the story.

Timeframe & Notifications:

This giveaway starts May 1, 2014 and ends May 21, 2014 @ 11:59 pm (PST).
Entry is open to US residents only, age 18 and over. Winners will be selected Friday, May 23, 2014, and announced at

About the Prizes:



Rugged Romance

In Silenced, Kayden’s adventurous nature and skills as a pilot come in handy as she and Jake race to uncover the truth. If you’ve always dreamed of hopping on a plane to chase your own adventures, but don’t have a well-trained pilot and a Cessna at your disposal, we’ve got the perfect prize for you.

Our Grand Prize winner will receive: a $250 gift certificate to Alaskan Airlines, good toward travel to multiple destinations across the Continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii



Rugged Romance

As Jake and Kayden crisscross the Alaskan wilderness looking for answers, they also see some of the most glorious scenery on earth: soaring mountains, crystal clear lakes, and incomparable wildlife. Could there be any better setting for a glowing romance? Now you can share in the romantic scenery, even if you don’t live in Alaska.

Our Second Prize winner will receive: The Kiss at Wonder Lake 31″ x 23″ Framed Art Print



Rugged Romance

Kayden has always been practical, no-nonsense, and slow to trust. She’s definitely not a romantic-at-heart who longs for a handsome man to whisk her away for a picnic in the mountains. Right? ; )

If you, like Kayden, have secretly dreamed of a romantic mountain-top picnic, this is the prize for you.

Our Third Prize winner will receive: The ultimate picnic pack for a romantic afternoon. This insulated backpack includes silverware, plates, napkins, plastic long-stemmed glasses and a wide selection of gourmet picnic snacks


Go to and complete the entry box, anytime between May 1 and May 21.

The Pawn, JamesTitle: The Pawn (The Bowers Files Book #1)

Author: Steven James

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Boy, you better be ready for a ride with this one! The Pawn is somewhat of an older book, but since I’ve wanted to read James for a while now and this is the first in a series, I figured it would be better to start there. Based on the first book alone, I think it is the type of series where you have to start from the beginning to really get it. There were a few hints in this first book that suggested more of the story and main character would be revealed in the next. And good golly, that character! But let me give you a peek at the plot first before I get too carried away:

“Special Agent Patrick Bowers had only met one man who made him truly afraid. Until now. When he’s called to North Carolina to consult on the case of an area serial killer, he finds himself in a deadly game.
Cunning and lethal, the killer is always one step ahead of the law, and he’s about to strike again. It will take all of Bowers’s instincts and training to stop this man who calls himself the Illusionist. And just when the pieces start to come together, Bowers realizes they’re not quite adding up. Can he unravel the pattern and save the next victim? Or will the Illusionist win the game by taking one of his opponent’s pieces? Thrilling, chilling, and impossible to put down, The Pawn will hold suspense lovers in its iron grip until the very last page.” (

Let me tell you, “thrilling and chilling” is one very apt description! The author goes so deep with his characters. Like, scary deep. Think Criminal Minds deep. On one hand, I was really impressed by that. His villain has a motive, and the motive is very plausible. His main character, Special Agent Patrick Bowers, is so well-developed he almost became like Sherlock Holmes, that’s how real and how heroic he became. A man with flaws but also almost otherworldly talent. If you’re going to name an entire series around a certain character, he better be a good one, and I’m pleased to say Patrick Bowers easily held up his end of the bargain.

The plot was also fantastic. The writing was superb. This will sound really strange, but my only complaint is that it was too real.

I got really freaked out by this book, I’m not gonna lie. There’s a scene at the very beginning of the book I just cannot get out of my head. It was grisly and creepy and just way too real. That’s where my struggle comes in. Because was it excellently written? Absolutely. The fact that it got under my skin so much shows how great of a writer Steven James really is. But can I recommend it? I’m not sure. Would I read him again? I don’t know.

I suppose it comes down to this: if this looks like your kind of genre, then by all means, read it! It’s very well-written. But if scary reads aren’t really your thing, you may want to avoid this book. It’s not that I wouldn’t recommend this author. I’d just recommend him with a caveat.

So! Here’s my question for you:

Let’s Talk Book: Weigh in and let me know what you think! Should I read the second book in the Bowers series? Comment on this blog post with your vote by clicking on “comment” on the top right-hand side. If you’re voting no, tell me why and what I should read instead! If yes, then a review of The Rook may be coming to a blog near you!

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