(C) Photography courtesy of Polka Dot Portraits.

(C) Photography courtesy of Polka Dot Portraits.

Hello there! I’m so glad you stopped by. My name is Elizabeth (Lizzie) Veldboom. I’m a small town girl. A writer. Former preschool teacher, and most importantly, a receiver of The Mercy Crown (sojourn here for explanation 😉 ).

This blog exists because I love books and love talking about them. So. What better than a book reviewing blog?

Although this blog is named “All Things Novel,” I will occasionally be reviewing some nonfiction as well. (What can I say? It was late when I came up with the name.) I’ll basically review whatever I’ve finished reading at the time, new or old. This blog will likely evolve as I go, but the one thing that will always remain the same is that it will always be a place to “talk book”! Favorite books, not-so-favorite books, e-books, smell of books, books galore!

You can find my home blog at: http://www.mercycrown.wordpress.com, or connect with me and follow my writing on Facebook: www.facebook.com/elizabethveldboom1

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the love of the written word with you!