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Bethany House recently posted this really fun Reading Challenge that I am going to try this year. I’ll make sure and blog about each one as I cross them off the list, but everything’s better with friends, right? So I am calling out all of you subscribers, all of you blog stalkers, and definitely all my fellow book lovers to join with me in 2015! 🙂 If you decide to do it, let me know through commenting or #BHReadingChallenge, and maybe we can do some of the same categories together!

But to kick things off, I’m asking all of you: which of these 16 challenges should I tackle first?! Vote by leaving a comment with your pick, and I’ll… well, naturally, I’ll go with the one that has the most votes. To be fair and all. 😉

Happy New Year of Reading, everyone!

2015 Reading Challenge


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